Testimony of Freedom

Contents of the Testimony

···  A Witness for Freedom (opening page)

  1.  ···  Mind and Body of Freedom

  2.  ···  Personal Freedom vs. The Mechanical Cosmology

  3.  ···  Vehicles of Freedom: Physical Science, Civil Law and the Christian Religion

  4.  ···  My Personal Cosmology of Jesus Christ

  5.  ···  Cultivating Spiritual Life and Power

  6. Action Yoga and the Sankhya Cosmology of Person and Matter

  7.  ···  An Obsessive Compulsion I Call Freedom

This site is currently under development: pages are incomplete and subject to change.

Completed materials include the "Quad Nets" paper, the "Timing Devices" paper and "an Ear for Pythagorean Harmonics," all referenced below. These papers present proposed designs for classes of novel electronic devices. The Testimony is based, in large part, on the view of brain operations and psychology that those devices suggest.


... A Witness for Freedom (opening page)

The Quad Net Family of websites:

Quad Nets:  engineered designs for brain-like devices.

Timing Devices:   the original presentation of the timing devices model; timing devices are a special class of devices within the more general class of Quad Net devices. Timing devices show that brains are not computers.

Shimmering Silences in Beautiful Music -- suggesting a new psychology of classical music, as a paradigm for larger classes of activity, using a timing device system named "An Ear for Pythagorean Harmonics." Materials are in an early stage of development.

Embodiment of Freedom:  integrated models - based on Quad Nets - of brains and experience, physics and psychology. This site was a former project and has earlier views of matters yet to be stated here. Development of the former project has been superseded by the present site, Testimony of Freedom, that will re-state prior models and extend the inquiry into social and spiritual matters. (The site includes the Archive of materials from 1992 to April of 2005.)

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